Leave the pail in the garage!
  • Brian Knechtel

Leave the pail in the garage!

Pump style weed sprayer

Most people use the following items to wash their vehicles, etc;

2-3 gallon pail, cleaning solution(in our case ZOOM Cleaner), wash mitt, cloth or brush etc., shamois, power washer or garden hose, foam cannon,etc.

Problems with using a pail: You have to throw the cleaner on the surface you're cleaning, which is inefficient and messy. The product in the pail starts to get contaminated with grime & grit after a while, which can damage your surface finish. Thirdly, there's usually some grungy cleaner left in the pail when you're done, which you then have to dispose of, which wastes your $$.

However, IMO there's a better way to apply ZOOM or any other liquid cleaning agent, that saves you time, is easier, safer for the finish on your vehicle and uses less cleaning product, saving you money:

Simply use a common pump-up weed sprayer, such as the one pictured. Why? - It quickly, easily and efficiently gets the cleaner where you want it. The wand makes it easy to reach high areas, or into wheelwells, nooks & crannies, underneath the gooseneck on 5th wheels, etc. - Your cleaning solution stays Clean!!

- no worries about it tipping over and spilling during use.

- When you're done the job, if there's any product left, just leave it in the sprayer for next time.




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